Discount Auto Insurance for All Drivers

You may believe that discount auto insurance is not for everyone and maybe not possible for you. That is a myth you must put aside, as there are numerous ways in which you can cut your car insurance costs and save money. While those posing the highest risk will have trouble finding discounts for car insurance, you don't have to be perfect to save money.

Here are some tips to overcome you shortcomings and save money without compromising coverage. Discount Auto Insurance for Homeowners If you own your home, or have a renters insurance policy, you should consider getting insurance for your car through the same provider. This can save you money on both policies as most insurers offer discounts if you combine home and car insurance. This may mean that you need to shop for homeowners insurance while you shop for insurance for your vehicle in order to get the best coverage on both and maximize savings.

Discount Auto Insurance for Multiple Policy Holders
A multiple policy holder is someone who has more than one policy with the same insurance provider. This can included auto and homeowners, as mentioned above, but it can also include multiple vehicles, the addition of a boat or any recreational vehicle, life insurance and sometimes even having a retirement fund with an insurance provider can save you money on your auto insurance. A car insurance company that offers an array of products is very likely to offer you discounts on their products the more you take advantage of their services.

Take Advantage of Discounts for Discount Auto Insurance
It's an obvious statement, but discounts lead to discount auto insurance. The reason it bears mentioning, is that most people do not realize just how many discounts are available for customers. For instance, GEICO offers 16 auto insurance discounts, while other companies offer more. Some discounts that you may not realize are available and that go beyond the good driver discount include:

Defensive driving certificate discounts
Good student discounts
Reduced driving discounts
Renewal discounts
Safety feature discounts
Seat belt usage discounts

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Review Your Policy Yearly for Discount Auto Insurance
Circumstances regarding your status and changes within your auto insurance carrier mean that a yearly review of your policy can help you to save money. You may qualify for car insurance discounts that you did not qualify for the year before. Also, the company through which you have your coverage may offer additional discounts or have changed their risk rating structure.